LFW: Diary of a Aspiring Fashion Photographer

My first fashionweek HAD to be London: Daring styles & innovation are something I love.  Holland is often the total opposite of this with a more down-to-earth approach to dressing. Thus, opposites attract= London.

mr Lens & I: a killah team

After my post asking you guys what to pack/do, I got so little answers that I practially went naked...Ok, not really because airport security does need the scan to see behind the clothes, right? And London was bound to be awfully wet & drizzly. So I went kinda spontaniously and unprepared.

The arrival at Somerset was quite fun, and actually felt more down-to-earth as I counted in. I expected haute snobbery and the people had that London-fun-spirit going on with a good dash of fashionality. So I made my first set of photos, and the idiotic Vine video. That evening I went to Selfridges and had a back-massage for 10 minutes: the Portuguese guy massageing me actually did 12, bliss.

I had wedges on and I regretted it soooo much the next morning: almost cripple! I was so sensible to go for a hostel: ehm, I wish I had a hotel because the preening and pampering was like supercrappy: I was probably only at LFW to make other people feel good about their appearance as mine would make absolutely no competition. Anyway, I have looked better in my life.

I wanted to have my hair trimmed & a London blowdry: UK people often have the best and most volumised do's. I wanted to go to Massato London, but hadn't booked anything and my feet were already not-so-happy, so I eventually went to Rusk. That must be the equivalent for wanting to go to The Wolseley for dinner and ending up in McDonalds. However, for a couple of hours I had 'Kate Middleton' bounce, which is something quite outstanding in my stubbornly straight hair.

Grooming in a hostel is absolutely no pleasure: I forgot the blowdryer, my favourite serum, and the flapjack from the day earlier made my skin look like 50! OMG, I NEED MAKEUP. Oh, the 5 hours sleep were no help either.

Then my suitcase I concocted a mix that I would say: "I needed so much more preparation!" I donned on the leather midi skirt, a turban I bought at Topshop Unique, the sweater that was actually meant for relaxing, my Zebra scarf and the shoes could not be heels: too much agony! And tons of undereye concealer: I still looked like 49!!!
posing 4 @melimelobags #catwalktobagwalk Instagram promo
That sunday there were people making pictures of my face. My FACE, wth?? That must be for blogs that are called "people who are 60 and look like 50?" (ps: I'm still in the agegroup 35-40).

On the plus side the look of looking like 49 made some people ask if I was an editor for a magazine?: "ehm, not really". So if I had a blog for it? "Yes, I have a blog for it".  Then there are actually people who know my blog, and start to giggle when you mention the name. I realise I must be the "funny one" out there ;)

That day I spotted some familiar faces from the day earlier. Funny how you will get more familiar when spending time there: people to see and to be seen.


I actually spend a day longer in London than I planned for. I only packed for 2 days so I had to go for a black-n-white dress in not-so-fab material. However, my feet had recovered from agony to quite painful, which was good enough to go for my & Other Stories neutral-ish black heels. I tried to go to the Somerset Toni & Guy hairdressers, but they were fully booked...darn.

I couldn't stay long as I had to prepare for my flight: also, I had to drink buckets of coffee to stay warm & perky. Hence, I stumbled with a camera full of inspiring, gorgeous and above all, really superb personalities on my plane where I was with the pretty, down-to-earth Dutch people again.


  1. omg that outfit is just head over heels awesome, I didnt know you photograph too, and by the looks of it you're like really stunning, I remember how u used to visit a lot, thank you so much for always being there on my old days, I really wish Im a part of a fashion week situation!

    Would be lovely if you'd pay a visit on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE
    "Posh Plastic": A Plastic Surgery Inspired Portfolio on http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

  2. cool pics ! Well people know your blog that's pretty cool you're famous ;)

  3. Aww, you look so happy, hope I can attend a Fashion Week very soon, cause I really like the way you told us your experiences there! You're such a lucky girl!

  4. Sounds like quite the experience! I like the headscarf that you're wearing. Can't wait to see what you snapped :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  5. Great story with so funny experience :)