Kerr-ing for Myself

Sorry about the dodgy wordplay but I felt I Kerr to do that... 


Miranda Kerr ofcourse, that ubermodel with the superglowy skin and a skincare line on net-a-porter.

Ms Kerr (or Bloom, not for Blooming but being Orlando's mrsy) has been advocating advocados & other organic skincare lately. And because I am tired of Gwyneth being the perfect token of health I just went for Kerr instead...Kidding,  I just really like Miranda Kerr's skin and I wouldn't mind having a similar physique in a bikini.

Not sure about putting coconut oil into tea, but I have been buying the Noni juice and I hope to look like Miranda Kerr in 30 days.

 OK, that's not an approachable goal!

Let's just say I love Miranda's skin and it would be wonderful to get a glowier complexion!

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Oh yes, I know what you mean - I've trapped in the same 'beauty swamp' :) I'm obsessed with skin care this autumn - already have spent too much to sleep calmly...

  2. I didn't know these products, let us know if they work!

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  3. Love it
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    A chic kiss ;)