Friday's Instas

1. I'm such a typical Dutch, so another bouquet
2. More red lips for the holiday season
3. The umpteenth time of bra-shopping
4. Food: I eat...and good stuff too!
5. 'Fashion is instant language'
6. Diptyques: shopping for holiday presents
7. At the hairdresser's
8. My own tomato relish!
9. Wardrobe fitting of Hudson jeans

 December, I'm not sure if I like the month or not but it keeps you busy. 

I'm not too fond about the cold so I don't wanna make fashion-pics right now. Also, I need a photographer-cum-hairdresser to make me look as perfect as the rest of the fashion-posse on the blogs. Easy? I wish!
But I like the act of giving and receiving presents is fun too. And sparkly dresses, shoes and too much make-up  


  1. Maybe I'm Dutch too, it's so cute that bouquet!

    wildflower girl
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  2. Great photos!


  3. cool pics, loving the diptyques!!! great gifts, and i need a photographer too haha, i suck at selfies...thanks for.your awesome comments on my blog and sharing your thoughts on my posts, i replied there....happy holidays