The 8 Of 2013...

2013 has been the year of changes...And some things stayed the same:13 3
1. Dressing up
I love dressing up: it's like grown-up dress up party picking up your fave character. I really would like more dresses like the type I wear in "After we Met", so whimsical. Only if there were more parties to show them off...
Ps: I do not dress up as extravagant in real life...I sometimes wear black & neutrals too, but don't tell otherwise my blog-reputation will collaps.

2. Blogging

My blog grew organically and I should tweak something about the layout. Then again, it's a clean layout right now and I often feel overwhelmed by other blog's references to every little part of their online life. Mmm, the header?
Do I feel ego-proud enough to put something like the one this one on?Not sure. Then maybe the one above with the circles.

3. Friendschips:
Let's talk about the girls! I love to be 100% open about my friendships but I keep the privacy on for them. I've met some wonderful women this year that helped me entering the modern dating scene, making me drink more alcohol, cry & laugh, and just having a ball with them.

4. Travel

There has been more travel than I blogged about: I'm already such a spoiled brat with all my luxury and designer brands, right? I cannot mention a favourite country as every country and city has its charms.

5. Blondes have more...(ehm, I forgot)
 I've been a blllllloooonnndeee for a while this year.
The blonde will get you more male attention: and we're talking quality and often not quality. I does come with complications that I have to hide my brunette intelligence otherwise some guys are too shocked to know I have an opinion. So I should practice twirling my hair like Cara over here:
As for women, they think I am a sweet girl with the blonde and that is actually really cute. I'd might change haircolour again: it's like fashion so maybe it will be brunette or purple...who knows?

6. Less Fashion, more style

2012 was the year I stocked up on a beautiful stash of Equipment blouses, a whole lot of 'cult-jeans' and a kaleidoscope of colours. I wouldn't say I have my core-wardrobe right now but the quality in the basics I bought in 2012 helps...
I was not too happy about 2013 trends: tartan? Just two pieces. The Pink coat? Everyone has one: I'll take lavender instead. Balenciaga?  I absolutely miss Ghesquière's aesthetic feel. So I browsed the Zara and I thought: "Meh, nothing appeals to me". 
But seeing the Pantone colour scheme of 2014 gets me exited again: hopefully in a variety of bags & dresses...

7.  Seven .....?
My 'dating' number!
This Cinderella's still waiting for her prince, or those shoes...
I kissed 7 men this year after becoming single. But modern dating has been complicated for me: I'm actually "such a prude" instead of slutty promiscious; I really had to think "what would other girls advise/do?"  Then again, as an older girl I think I can refrain from any duckfacing #selfies. I might pick up sexting and that means to keep up working out for 2014 so I can look like a Victoria's Secret model (her older sister)...

8. I give a hoot
About people, blogging, Christmas, fashion and life...& Xmas owls ofcourse...
So what have been your top moments of 2013?


  1. Oh you're so funny! You make me laugh with this ironic post!

  2. Love this post!
    Amazing blog<3


  3. Great post, glad you had the most of it this 2013...,traveling is.the best! ...i did that too :)
    Happy new year!

  4. Felices Fiestas!!!!

  5. Haha I love this post, especially about the blonde adventure and the "modern dating" (seriously I really don't feel like I would be able to date nowadays... I just hope I will never have to). So where have you been traveling dear, I wish you'll show us even more in 2014 !
    Hope you will have a great New year's eve <3