My Essentials

Hi Babes, 
Sorry for being absent for a while but I haven't been feeling the *fashion vibe* for a while. I'm starting to 'recover' from this indifference and I will show you my essentials even when I'm totally 'out of everything fashion'.

Kitten BootiesEven if I am slacking it, you will never see me in Uggs, sneakers (only holidays) or any other 'slumpy shoe'. I just pick up a sleek bootie with a walkable heel. These babes are from & Other Stories and I believe they give Givenchy & their likes a run for their money.

Primer for Foundation: I almost never face the world without 'tinted moisturizer', concealer or some foundation. That needs a primer and Laura Mercier makes a reasonable one.

Laura Mercier Brow Powder in Deep Blonde: Not always, but when I want to look stronger and more polished I add a natural but more defined brow. Otherwise I'd look like Lara Stone's uglier sister (-> no eyebrows, not that pretty and still Dutch).

Mirror Mirror: I never asked this question when younger so no wicked stepmother associations. But it's more when I drank coffee and I do not want to have 'extra dark shadows' around my mouth' etc.

Powder Foundation: I'm a bit of a snob  so I love to pick up my Givenchy powder foundation. It's a good powder foundation too for topping up on the road.

B.A.G: Yes, you know me...Even when totally 'out of it', I'd still have a good bag. It doesn't have to be expensive as this & Other Stories one was under $100. But it has to be a statement one.

Cream Blush: I am a blush-addict and I have more than 50! It's often 'youth potion' or it brings some life to your cheeks. This one is my Bobbi Brown Pale pink. A cream blush works differently and more natural than a powder.

Powder blush: I use a powder blush when I want a 'statement face' or a more 'make up' look: some people want to see you "made an effort" so it shows a bit more. This one is NARS Deep Throat, still natural but more visible with a heavier hand.

MAC Patina: This is such a classic eyeshadow: I think everyone has this neutral. I love it on days when I do not want to think too much about makeup, but still be polished.

Foundation Brush: I often skip the brushes/foam pads in foundation compacts and bring a professional brush along with me. This one is from Adesign and totally perfect for a flawless application. L♥ve it!

For the rest, I love to make fashionphotos again but this time my excuse is that I gained weight (3 kg)! I have been really healthy lately so I blame the excess of advocados blended in my umpteenth smoothies. I know there are more normal sized fashiongirls on the block but I don't like people to giggle and think "ahh, good...MlleWanderlust gained weight...!". Not everyone is so nice as the comments I get. Although I love most of my commenters a lot ♥♥


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Yes it was shot in Sydney, Australia. We actually don't have many sand dunes in Australia, our deserts are quite different. You should visit Australia one day!

    Loving your 'essentials' post. Some things you just can't live without! And yes I totally agree with cute walkable boots. They are much more reliable than high heels.

    xx Cissy

  2. That mirror is too cute!

  3. great essentials !