Love & Radiant Orchid

Mlle Wanderlust going all Hallmark on Love
And now that we're getting closer to Valentine's Day I will chat about about love and similar emotions and Pantone colour of 2014 Radiant orchid:

1. Pantone colour of 2014= Radiant Orchid
Random topic...but it actually is a vibrant colour that is close to passion. Last year the colour was Emerald green and that is a cooler and more composed hue. That explains the two photos in this post: the nails and the jacket are both in a colour close to Radiant orchid.

2. When he's playing hard to get...
He either is hard to get or he gets a kick out of seeing you make too much effort. Either choose if you want to chase him (like the huntress you are) or leave him for another girl.

3. Women dress up for women and undress for men
Fashiongirls know this: your boyfriend couldn't care less if you wear LBD no 1 or no 2. Your bestie girl & gay friend do, and all the other fashionbloggers.

4. Date bait...
I'm often asked why I get a certain amount of male attention. I'd say it is my smoking hot body but seriously there are women with better curves. Honestly, I have no clue and I'm still single so don't ask me...

5. Men who give you grades...
I thought I was too old to be given a grade but I often hear them wispering some kind of grade of me: that's degrading & misogynist. Sometimes I ignore them and sometimes I say something like "geez, you might chat with me first so I can get an upgrade on that one". If a hot boy is a 'grader' than his personal grade drops from a 8 to 9 to a -6 or less. Or am I being hypocritical now?

6.  A Blogger's *Like*
There are a couple of people whose style is just incredible or I really like the way they blog about life, themselves, etc. I really like how other so-called normal people have gotten a better visibility thanks to blogging these days, which makes us quite special indeed.

7. Have a fantastic Valentine's Day
yep, I add doodly hearts because I can
Have fun this Valentine's day...And send me some quality chocolate!


  1. fun post! couldn't agree with number 3 more!
    what are your plans for valentine's day?
    have fun!

  2. I love this color and what a funny post! Ahah n.3 is just too true!

  3. Love the radiant orchid color!