What kinda Blonde are you?

Like Georgia May Jagger you really hit the genes jackpot: you might be really intelligent but the key to your success is being that cute, bunny-ish/kittenish kind of blonde...Perhaps you'll be the lead singer of your rockband in the future, like Blondie...

 You're the brainiac in the sugary coated 'Trojan Horse'...You will use the stereotype of the blonde to get to the top. You might have used the bleachy stuff to get your way into the world, but once there you conquer them or might even become brunette again, just like University student and largest fashionblogger around: Chiara...
waiter, there's a fly blondie in my salad

Yeh, they demanded me to put this category up...Madonna is the old school one.

You are the typical Hitchcock blonde: the eternal victim. Fragile, and not too bound to have a happy life. Grace Kelly married the richest and most succesful man around, was still unhappy, and died in a carcrash. Similar as Princess Diana...

No comments, because she didn't let me in her stream of words....


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