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Visiting Brussel: streetart & statue of peeing dog | Another "me"-quote | Cute couple
Utrecht canal | I'm having pink streaks! | My 1st Rebecca #bagfetishism 
More Brussel streetart | Brussel collective Garden | Amsterdam Canal

Hiya Friday Peeps,
 It's mostly spring out here so that's an early start. I've been posting two Outfitted the couple of days which I didn't feel too embarassed about my body: yes, slightly older girls can have a bit of body-dysmorphia too. I have quite some hips, booty and not that much cleavage. I've always photoshopped a lot and then I got a remark if I was a transsexual...Ok, that's not it! Let me show of my natural and well-bred female hips again, right? Actually I would encourage all trans-people to be visible in all kinds of fields like the non-trans & I'm glad Facebook gave acceptance on the varieties between gender. Personally, I'm quite happy being born female which is easier as I wouldn't like to grow a penis...Also, I have more options in fashion now.

My instas shows a lot of city-time: I'm actually more in shops testing out makeup but I like to look like a cool girl on instagram. Weirdly, some people prefer me being a tomboy: I always said I was not a tomboy, just a failed femme girl. Fashionblogging puts out the standard a lot higher on being feminine, sometimes too much on the makeup/hair-front: I felt I have to curl my hair like all those others, and my hair is so straight that I can only last for 30 minutes. Good to know stick-straight hair is becoming fashionable again :)

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