Insta Sunday

Alghero harbour | Chocolate with Parmacheese! | Roses are Lilac
Some of my hairstuff | Bose cutest pastel houses (Sardinia) | Basically true #horoscope
disdainful sign makes me sad | DIY on shoe | Pretty Sardinian Church

Hello sweeties,

I still had some pretty photos from photogenetic Sardinia I wanted to share. And I've gotten quite addicted to buying flowers every week. My friend brought me a box of chocolate from Barcelona (Cacao Sampaka) and one of their experimental ones was with parmacheese! It's really tastes weird as it sounds. So yeh, if life's like a box of chocolate than that was a funky experience.

My hairstuff is mostly based on volume and moisture: becoming blonder sure makes you dry. As for the black /n white sign: Geez! Who is to decide who's beautiful or not??? So sad so many women do fall into this trap of negative psychology and even think it's funny. So to conclude like some Forest Gumpisms: Pretty is what Pretty does.


  1. Looking pretty! ...loving the.boots!

  2. I haven't tried chocolate with cheese! :)