C is for Centro Commercial

 In all noble intentions of wanting to travel, I have a real superficial one: shopping!
 'La Roca Village' has the 'cultural' experience of Loewe!
On the intellectual scale of being I don't score that low: I learned the word 'centro commercial' before 'chiringuito' (beachbar- sp). In fact, I had no clue what a chiringuito was until this year! Hence, shopping before boozing up is my mantra. Even when it's sizzling hot outside. Perhaps especially when the weather is warm.

In Barcelona, nay, close to Barcelona, is a Designer Outlet named La Roca Village. It has the usual designer villagy stuff like Burberry & Versace. However, it also harvest the cultural experience of visiting Loewe:

BAGS! Still terribly expensive, even for a snobby addict like myself. I scored myself a pair of Loewe sunglasses instead to pretent to be hautain.

Or a gorgeous outlet with (almost this seasons's) Bimba y Lola:
my latest Puppy
Some puppies are just too adorable to resist!

Hence, I guess my shopping addiction rises to a higher temperature in Spain. I'm more laid back in countries where you cannot shop as much, think Cuba or Mexico. But Spain has one of the better selections of shops and Centro Commercials around.

So do you love shopping on holidays, or are you more of a beach-&-cocktails person?

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  1. beach and cocktails for sure!
    I guess I'll shop when I have the money to do so, until then..I stay away from "centros comerciales"..one "m" on comercial ;)
    enjoy barcelona, it's a wonderful city...and has the best gofres con dulce de leche, ever!!!!♥ delicious