Croptop: H&M | Midiskirt: H&M | Heels: Topshop (old, these Dries van Noten's are on sale) | Necklace:V&D (Chloe has one I covet) | Cuff: Unearthed | Bracelet: Monica Vinader

I have been looking for a good croptop set for ages, and now I found a sophisticated one. The creamy set had a ghostlike effect on both my DSLR as my compact, so that explains the eerie effect...Though I'm a bit spooky too, sometimes.

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  1. beautiful!!!
    wish I could rock crop tops like you do but I must drop a few pounds a.s.a.p....
    cute ghostly pics!
    and thanks for the comments on my posts.. I appreciate them a lot, really.. it's nice to see someone's interested in what I've got to say...