St. Nicholas

These have been the shoes I couldn't get of my mind...

I think lots of fashiongirls know what I'm saying. We pinterest shoes and forget about some, and some are just too good to forget.

I basically fell in love with the mix of convenience and quirkiness. As seen in my last post, there are a variety of pointed flats going on this fall. These had the mix of matte leather in white: so sumptious! I've been struck with the white-bug and matte seems like a more luxurious idea than a glossy white. Then that heel! I couldn't get over that heel. Also, the promise of subtle leather: How unpractical are flats in stiff leather? Enough to keep on searching.

Also, this spring I had a good use of some older, cream-coloured Topshop brogues: I figured these would be perfect for mid-summer & autumn. Perhaps even winter, if I keep them crispy white enough.


  1. Long time since the last time i stopped by your blog! I miss you! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post :D

    Hope to keep in touch, dear!

  2. Omg, they are pure perfection. May they stay this white forever, amen. xx


  3. These shoes really are cute! and they look super comfortable!


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  5. Hi! This shoes are very classy and fashionable! I like it!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  6. I love Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. He is always quirky and unusual