Fashionweek Influenzias

Insta-fluence & shows:
 Etro: I love everything about this look but I really covet her natural looking hair. After going faux-blonde for a while I like this kind of idea for upcoming Bohemian spring.

Food of the day:
I'm cheating because this is my breakfast and I do this even before and after Fashionweeks. Your standard juicing in that awesome juicer spiced up with a lotta superfoods. But I feel like working out more and getting toned more during fashionweek season: I wanna be able to wear all looks on a toned body.
Getting into the closet [again]:

Ok, not of being [un]queer but finding similar items as the shows in my stocked away wardrobe. I DID I DID for dress no 4 @ Etro.

Finding guys from Milano sartorially fashion for no particular reason:
Ladies, he's got tongue...He was actually as Italo-camp as you could find but he's a person from a fashioncity. Oh, the tongue, right? 

"I'm having a boner" or Bony Knee staring:
Knees: Cara's sister Poppy
I don't wanna start the debate of how thin some people are. Some people are indeed naturally thin and who am I to see whether it's beautiful or zombie-like. Then there was Nicky Minae's video which showed some difference. I'm not someone who thinks Nicky's enhanced curves are holy grail either but it seems like I prefer someone who feeds herself (beside silicones).  
But heck, it's entertaining...enhanced bodies, dancing sticks, the music...

In what way are you influenced or having fever about during fashionweek season?


  1. Ugh, those knees are so unpleasant to look at :/

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  2. I love the first photo, I love this maxi dress!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  3. amazing video after this post! I adore!!!
    Have a nice day!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase