Temple hair, role-play and selfless selfies

This selfie had been made when I still had some #indianhair going on. It's also slightly selfless: I'm posting this because it's more than the narcissistic expression of "look how nice my hair looks & my eyes are sooo blue/green" selfie: It's an image with a story, so read on

I ventured on extensions for the first time, not because my hair was short but I wanted some ridiculous length again. I used to have real long hair and I missed it.

First I felt guilty having the hair. Most hair comes from India where girls/women go to hindu temples to sacrifice their hair for religious sake (see here). I imagined my Indian sisters going to the Temple to sacrifice their hairs for their karma, ending up on a [in their eyes] too freespirited Western person head. Not that I say all Western people are loose and unreligious but the whole purpose for their sacrifice was for my own vanity and attract guys: what did anyone's Karma have to do with that?

My hair became a character that I carried around: also because I felt the plastics on my head like 80% of the time. I also went into braiding with uberbraider 'the barefoot blonde', which made me feel like doing my Barbies' hair again, only on my own head. I recognize she never flips her hair to a certain side, so I suspect she's with Indian hairs as well.

 I've gotten more male attention: a 'fitness guy with too much muscle' who recognize their girls by their extra hairs? Not sure. Also, I met a goodlooking player-type who is normally into busty, girly types. Perhaps the faux-hair did it for him too. The UK has a higher rate of girls being into extensions so my Dutch head would not be too unfamiliar, hairwise.

It was not as bad as having eyelash extensions: Once there you just have to condition the heck out of them, and give them a good bunch of styling.

Now I'm with my own hair again: I liked the role of  the 'long blonde hair girl' for a while and now I'm slightly-long-hair-woman-with-a critical-mind again.

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