Personal blahdiblah...

Hi guys,
Time goes on: tick tock in Amsterdam.
It's getting more autumny so let's share something personal. I'm kind of having a 'I remembered to forget' mode about my hair during this summer: I've gotten all into the curling/braiding/my-little-pony-colouring hair thingy. Sort of wanting to be Barbie because I felt I needed myself a proper Ken -> the buff guy with the plastic white smile. 
Now I distanced myself from wanting a Ken and I gotten into flat shoes again: and polkadot socks. I don't think any Ken likes to see his Barbie in flats outside the gym where she has to work out to keep her hourglass figure, right?
But I've been influenced by the Fashionweek and decided I needed a Céline top: ok, it's a sorta bargain from Yoox but still Céline.

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