a Bikini a Day keeps the Doctor away

Recently I've discussed the idea of selfies with some friends. Personally I tried to make faceselfies, but I prefer bodyselfies. This is where the feminists step in for the fact I might be "sexualizing my body by showing it bikini-clad online" but who are they to judge? Sometimes, a pouty/boobtastic faceselfie has more erotic value than the one I showed above. 

This autocam-selfie is to celebrate the strenght & femininity of my body. It also shows pride in the effort of working-out. But most of all, it embraces the idea of portraying a body that falls out of the boundaries of either being either young, flawlessly pretty or superskinny. This is a body that has had some mileage but is able to climb rocks, swim unapologetically in a rough ocean, and can eat a good amount of healthy food. Because a body that takes care of its owner does deserve food and not starvation! So who can tell us our body is not perfect like the skinny models when we might be better off with our healthier ones in the long run? 

In this sense, perfection is what you decides it is, not anyone's else perfection.

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