Good Hairdresser gone Bad

The last couple of weeks have been insecurity galore for me. I went fringe/bangs and it gotten me a bit self-concious again. My hairdresser gave me some horribly chunky highlights and the flow of my cut was not brilliant either.

I'm neither self-secure nor insecure, normally. I'm in the middle of knowing what my good features are, and my flaws. I know that I like a feminine look because I'm not the most dainty around: blame my Dutch Polder heritage and Frisian roots for it, we are sturdy women! But I'm not feeling the tomboy vibe out there, and as I said to my hairdresser: I still like to attract men for it.

My hairdresser probably gotten slightly pissed on me for that remark, and also for not 1. going shorter 2. not wanting to become brunette. Or, some women can be pissed when you want to look as pretty as them, or they might be afraid you might upstage them. And some hairdressers are such control freaks that they might give you lousy hair when you have your own say about it. So she gave me bad hair for about $160.

I normally don't rant about a company but I feel awful about this, especially as she gave me gorgeous highlights in Feb '14
That explains that I was with really long virgin hair for so many years: I didn't want anyone to butcher it up. (Ps: this doesn't just count for women hairdressers only: some of the men doing hair might do similarly)

These days I'm partly dyed/highlighted because I wanted to look prettier after my relationship ended. For me it was letting go of my older self. I really regret that my hairdresser refused to see that part while she was doing my hair.

Shortly, it was not the bad hair that spurred me into insecurity, it was the fact that someone young & beautiful herself with a succesful life found it necessary to mess up my hair.

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