Mademoiselle Pumpkin Pie

I never expected to make a blog with a header of myself.

Or, actually I changed it into the semi-neutral one that gives both my environment (beach) and me some room. Because, I am not about myself or my outfit, or...not so much...hehe, I lack egocentrical qualities to make it all about what I wear, so I include some travel-talk in it and some society-talk.

But my original header was this one:

So yeh, the problem, or non-problem is that I lack a form of egocentrical emotions that makes me commercialise myself as a brand for the blog.

Anyway, the header in rust colours above had a specific outfit, and I think I should share it for the heck of it.

What was I wearing? Well, I felt like incorparating all IT colours for this Autumn and managed to put it all in one outfit---> result: I resembled a feminine Pumpkin Pie arrangement with a dash of spice.

Perhaps too much of a good thing, although I missed out on the deep blue that seems to be happening this Autumn as well...

Analyse the outfit that made it header-like:

1. COS heeled brogues in a neutral brown.
2. Burgundy tights by Primark
3. Rust Body-con Pencil skirt (lots of things going on with that skirt) from Topshop
4. COS pumkin coat
5. Mustard yellow belt from Primark (2007 edition)
6. <hiding> my precious ChloĆ« Edith (2007). I bought this one with 30% discount at the time being, so it ended up around €650, which was still a lot of cash at the time being. I will post mine soon, but it looks a lot like this one...
I wrote about her in this post and have to make some sexier pics of her soon ;D
7. Smile...I actually don't smile like that in real life. Only in Latin American countries or Spain, because I'm enchanted by Latina life.
8. Hair: I've got the travel-do...It looks darker in this picture than it is today. I asked for highlights that look like given by the sun. Ehm, they actually are highlights given by the sun....and his friendly hairstylist helper the sea.

Truth is, I have dressed up a bit too girly for my liking, but I was planning to eye up another bag in a snobby Mulberry store. 

I didn't really like the bag I was after, but I had to see it in real life before buying it on the website. I consider one ChloĆ« to be enough for the moment, because I am often more careful with toting around designer bags than if I step out with a Primark bag. As if I advertise myself to pickpockets or such. 

Travel needs my money more than a potential Mulberry, but still, I like to look stylish when I travel ;P

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