First I would like to make a disclaimer that I don't want to make this a feminist blog*1. Well, not because I am not a feminist, because I like women to be egalitarianly (is that a word?) treated like their peers with dangly bits between their legs, but I just do not like to pidginhole this blog.

Still, I feel incredibly bewildered by a society that seems to be so different from my internal life, so I write about my bewilderment.

About Porn'chic':

Not so chic, I believe, but the imput and normalising idea of porn all around us made it chic.

To symbolise pornchic in one artistic venture (I prefer some artistic creativity to set the value of the article)

East Street Arts by Nicola Bockelman
You get the idea:
  1. I haven't chosen for the image to have a body, because the message of contemporary porn-chic is about male laziness. Male laziness, shortly, is about women doing the hard work, or the quintessential 'job'. The head alone is doing all right and the body could be missed.
  2. pink setting: idea of fake femininity
  3. how couldn't she be an obviously peroxided woman
  4. makeup-> overdone. You have to see she is made for (porn)pleasure
  5. open mouth: see point 1-> male laziness
Girls, the non-pornchic types, notice when they have boyfriends that
  1. the boy picked them over the pornchic girl. That is not because they cannot get a pornchic-creature, because they are often easier to get then their non-pornchic peers. They just, to paraphrase the lovely Legally Blonde, they will 'date' a Marilyn but marry a Jackie.
  2. Still, perhaps to the irritation of the non-pornchic girl: they can respond on the porn-chic girls.
  3. Don't worry, girls. This is a reflect caused by porn. It doesn't mean they wanna go for it but just because it is linked to easy fantasy sex.
So how come some men wanna step out with a porn-chic girl?
  1. Duh, look at the word: porn isn't the dirty word anymore. It's made fashionable
  2. see point 3 from the last section: pavlow effect->easy (fantasy) sex.
  3. boys and their peer-pressure: their friends will envy them. (Only for a while, until they had a go with the girl themselves)
Why do girls opt for the porn-chic look:
  1. Attention Attention Attention: read something about Laura Mulvey's to-be-looked-at-ness" over here.
  2. Women come across porn too, and images will stay
  3. our dear role model put in front of our innocent faces aged 3 or 4: Barbie.
  4. role playing: hoping to creep into the skin of a (severely faking/acting) actress with that appearance gives the idea that sex will be better when looking the (false) part. 
Why do girls avoid looking porn-chic:
  1. As Dolly Parton would say: "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap"->High maintainance that doesn't lead to a better and more respectful treatment
  2. There is more to life than spending so much time on your looks (which can even hurt)->Bleach that leads to raw scalps, fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake tan, perenial diet, fake stuff in your body (boobs), long makeup sessions, horrible colours on your face (weird pink lips)
  3. looking the part perhaps brings out expectations with some men: you will lure lazy men (see open mouth image) which will lead to boring sex that doesn't always leave you satisfied.
  4. Prefer to be the Jackie above the Marilyn.
  5. See no 3, attracting men that want more from you than being a life-blow-up-doll, a measure for making their friends jealous, etc
  6. Actually liking a lot of the way your parents and nature made you! Ok, there are some things a bit of blush can enhance, but to screw with a good thing is a bit too much for you.
  7. Having some self-confidence in the way you actually look
  8. Not being too interested in being 'to-be-looked-at-ness': you're a woman of the 21th century and you can look at men too, no need to cater to their need to get a living.
I hope I made my point!

Perhaps too many points categorised...

*1. About the feminist blogs: I believe that the feminist blogs I used to read (feministing, the f-word, jezebel) have become too tame. Come on, blogs, there should be some more fire in the posts!

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