The real and the clone Marant

Some time ago I moved up to Étoile Isabel Marant to a real Marant in the form of Kelan...my nifty black, high-waisted jeans.

I moved back into cloning/emulating from budget brand New Look, but not with making it more Marant.

I have a picture of the shorter-sleeved original:

It is not the long-sleeved Yoan but the short sleeved one. This was actually the only picture online that someone was wearing it in real life (here scroll down) so I concluded that not many fashion-bloggers have scored the real deal yet.

I found this gorgeous Yoan inspired sweater at New Look which was lacking the fringes. So I bought some yarn, how granny-esque, and went putting and knotting them between.

This is mid-process:

New Look sort-of, improving with fringes
I couldn't find the yellow one, but I just went in haberdashery discount stores that have some yarn around, only in the most primary colours. They both were 1 euro each... 

 Result: (for the moment) 

New Look sweater, quite Marantified

Not as long and fringy as Yoan, but I said I wanted an inspired sweater and not a clone. I hope to stumble across some pale yellow as the Marant Yoan has, but I will not search the whole country for it. Back to the title: I'm wearing my genuine Isabel Marant Kelan high waisted jeans over here with my inspired Marant Yoan sweater:
Mlle Wanderlust in real and inspired Marant
Always good to combine and DIY when you don't want to blame your budget on designer anyway

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