Bem Brazil: Travel 2011

In 2011 I was finally able to visit one of my wislist destinations. Bem Brasil:

Brazil actually was my no 1 destination: as a young girl I watched the video of cultsong Lambada, and Brazil and its fiery passion was embroidered in my mind.

So visiting a country after more than 22 years of seeing the video and listening to Lambada was quite an impact

This is me in Brazil on a boat as a kind of  female pirate (see the pirate flag) or a Santa Helena (Saint, which looks like in by the way I pose and the halo-effect around me).

(tiltshifted, and not edited by a skinnifying tool...girlfriend has some hips: that's female!)

Ps: for the fashion pack I am wearing the Matthew Williamson by H&M pareo and a Vix bikini. The Hat is from the Bijenkorf

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