My blue (suede) Velvet shoes

After seeing my fashion-blog Icon Jacqueline sporting a whole lot of Guiseppe Zanotti shoes, I decided to take the plunge in the Net-a-porter sale:

I already had a slight crush on the Guiseppe Zanotti by Thakoon Blue velvet shoes when I spotted them full price. Being the (somewhat) frugal person I decided to wait for a sale.

This way I could combine to loose my Guiseppe Zanotti virginity. Moreover, I never ventured on Thakoon before so there was another 'first time moment'.

Beautifully shiny in a deep blue colour...such pretty velvet.

I returned them!

Yep, that is right...it was the heel.

My shoe-icon Jaqueline is used to trott around in extreme and pretty heels, but I knew I wouldn't...

It was a lovely infatuation...and it was good to try out my curiosity but nope...this pair is not for me...

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