FashionFix: instant Topshop

My last 2011 fashionpurchase was on one of the best British highstreetsites ever: Topshop ofcourse.

Somewhat a case of the cloning: I gotten myself these Jamaica2's, or...quite the Miu Miu glitter heels cloned...even the banana-heel!

Exception, these just cost a mere £60. I would spend a lot on Miu Miu, though, but not on frilly glitter Miu Miu's

Turning to another 'inspired' shoe. Again, the banana-shaped heel, seen somewhere? But these are really confortable even though quite high. Moreover, I can walk in these without my sweet and precious shoes being killed on Dutch pavements...

Kaleidoscope-skirts...gotta love them. Perhaps a bit more Erdem or Mary Katranzou than you would like to see...

I actually made a picture of this one with me in it as the modern type of 'does my bum look big in it?', without having to pester my boyfriend with this question and getting an honest response of him ("yes, it looks big in it") or my female friends giving me a white lie ("No, it looks perfectly small").

Iphonology made it possible to judge myself it it looks big in it...(it does a bit, but I'm quite skinny on my whole body so I need to show the world I am 1.female and 2.non-anorexic). I love this skirt and I plan to wear it a lot when it gets warmer.

A pagan-inspired ring...I returned this one for looking too faky toyshop-esque:


Wowza, I love this sweater sooo much. Something Givenchy by Richardo Tussardi about them, but again in Topshop's way so I love wearing these flashy tigers on something too neutral like my common jeans:

Thus, a simple but effective haul. I do not like to spend a lot of trends that will dissolve with a blink of an eye, but for an affordable price I like to have my share in the fashion-madness too...

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  1. Oh wow wow wow wow wow, the shoes are to die for :D

    Peace from France