The people of 2011: Francesca & Eduardo

 Same boat and same Brazil. However, sometimes you can connect to some persons in a short time.

Posing for me, both of them

Francesca & Eduardo were, and hopefully still are, a Brazilian couple that were on the same boat as me and my boyfriend. The whole boat had a kind of couply element, even the two boys seemed to be together, although in Brazil the whole coming-out process would be more complicated than in Holland. 

"Come into my arms, you photographer girl"

Francesca let her boyfriend pose a lot, and I think he had more camera time than her...she called him 'Lindo Lindo...' (beautiful masculine form) all the time, and the pictures of him were 'Lindisimo'. Quite the flatterer, that Francesca.

yep Eduardo, sometimes boys have to sit still, be pretty and pose nicely...

In coupleness, you find often the two to be of a mutual attractiveness...that is defined biologically, to go for people with similar beauty. Men, often, can get a prettier girlfriend by means of their money, humour or succes and the peer-pressure to get a sort-of-trophy girl encourages them to aim higher. As for women, they are often too modest to go for a prettier specimen of men.

That implicates that Eduardo was the prettiest one of the two. But I really liked Francesca in a high extend and her radiant self made her to be just as attractive as her boyfriend, if not even more.

Francesca, snapping pictures of her Líííndo boyfriend

Personally, I dated boys that were better looking than me. My very first date was so ridiculously attractive that I said no to him a couple of times, just to realize he must be somewhat interested in me (somehow) so I said yes...So for girls I would always advise not to miss out on a person because you think he'd be too attractive for you, attraction and what the other finds to be attractive is so much more dependant than just on the mere spectrum of the visual and voyeuristic part.

Eventually, both Lindos, really social, although Franchesca was the better one in English, and really sweet together....

Both together: posing for couple-photographer on the boat

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