Freshly new seasoned Baglust

If girls are into fashion (don't discriminate the ones that are not), they are either a bag-person or a shoe-person. I fall into the first category.

No matter how cheap or expensive my bag is, it should have a certain quality, function and above all, not a repetition of what I already have.
I dislike if my bag is identified too fast by a crowd that has seen their, ohhh let's say the Mulberry Alexa, a couple of times and think they know their bags. Mine should be subtle and only to be recogized by a mutually bag-fetishist other or a fashion-connoisseur at least.

That is why I'm attracted to a style I wouldn't normally go for: Givenchy Antigone.
Givenchy Antigone in Camel

Not as frequently 'showed on celebrity A, B and Z-list as the Nightingale, not to showy 'in your face G-logo' and perhaps a bit too directional for my liking. Still, really original in texture of the matte leather and the boxy, constructed shape.

If you like to look more of the shape, form, etc, I will direct you to PurseForum, where a crowd of Bagfetishist show of their purchases and others lust over them.

(OK, I 'borrowed' this picture from one of the members so you can see what the fuzz is about)

Technically I could cough up some money myself, but it will carry a bit better when knowing someone thought I was so incredibly special...gotta hang out with the rich more often ;)


  1. Wow, amazing bag. Love Givenchy bags!

  2. hahaha how fun you post this bag.. Yesterday I saw this one at the show of Hans Ubbink !! it seriously is a wonderful bag !! L.O.V.E