Behind...or in front of...

I have no excuse for having this dodgy title today but to raise a smidge of curiosity.

So, let's be more direct: it's about the camera! Do you prefer to be in front of it, or behind it, or both?

Personally, I am the observer these days.

Beware, dodgy photo of me with camera taken in a hotel room in Rome after drinking too much Italian Limoncellos...delightful-> the limocello; me? not so much.

There is a difference in people being pretty or photogenique. Photogenique is not an equivalent for beautiful: miss Universes are beautiful and models are often photogenique, sometimes beautiful as well but often they would be seen as totally unpretty in real life, eg Iekeliene Stange (I actually really like these kind of edgy faces: prettiness is sometimes too predictable).

I have nothing near what real models have so that leaves me into the 'average' category and more likely to be the committer of photography than the passive object in front of it. Talented women such as Helena Christensen have done/still do both...And some of the talented fashionbloggers too are absolutely photogenique in front of the camera and quite talented in observing camera-wise as well.

Personal hype of the moment: Instagram

The things I photograph can be quite...ehm...versatile...

1. Landscape & Dutch scenery....(just because I get a lot of likes: people must get exited about Dutch houses)

left: house in Amsterdam - Right: Boat in Utrecht

2. Travel pictures...my personal like: I just love travel and I like to take my followers on the road with me.

left: Perspective from Jeep - Right: the stony beachiness

3. Human behaviour...

left: The infamous Gnome in Rotterdam and a father consoling his daughter for its Phallic scariness - it's actually a Xmas tree, people!
Right: A boy/man entranced by reading a comic (Suske & Wiske) hence back to a certain childhood state as well
I am a sneaky one with this because I don't have the guts to chat someone up and ask them to pose. Nahh, not really, I have the guts for that but I like them the most when they don't try to be someone else

That's a concise way to sum up some of the instagramania I sometimes am too addicted too...

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