Fusion Ethnic: Pendleton

Urban Outfitters had a covetable item on sale: The Pendleton coat:

Not obvious on the screen is that it is actually a maxi-coat

Originally a whopping 700 euros and now 200...

It is not just a mere copy of Native-American clothing: it actually has roots with a genuine pattern of a certain clan/tribe (article over here)

I somehow feel guilty for wearing Native-American linked clothing after reading this article, however, I realise Pendleton itself decided to go global and adress to the hipster crowd. Perhaps the profits earned by this commercialisation of ethnicity is directed towards the Native-American communities, or, at least some awareness will be linked towards them by commercialising Pendleton.

In the meantime, I got myself a pretty warm coat with a delightful design...(not so guilty about that)

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