Novelty: Hydrating Jeans

Spotted in the Brazilian Elle, hydrating jeans from Planet Girls:

First of all, compliments to the pick of model. I already noticed the Brazilian Elle and Vogues have advertisements of women (not girls) in a stronger composition: fiercer stares and poses and often a body that gets some food in it.

I do not consider this girl plus-size at all, because her waist is so beautifully toned and fat-free, but, like me, the girl has some natural definition on her hips and I find that to be really stunning.

To the jeans...let me do a translation (but bear in mind that I only had 2 months of once a week classes in Portuguese so there might be some flaws):

"Jeans that Hydrates! PlanetGirls has taken care of profound hydratation with aloe vera in our new jeans. The Hydra Jeans line are quite beautiful, confortable, versatile and with lots of style. They contain hydrating monecules that wil make your skin supersmooth, (?) and gorgeous. 

Experiment! You will love it! 
  • hydrates and improves the skintone
  • stimulates the formation of collagene and elastine
  • calms the nerve ends (something like that...nice, a calming jeans I need that)
  • Improves and balancees the cellular regeneration
  • stimulates the formation of new skincells"

I really would like to get my hands on a pair of jeans like that. Somehow 'inspired' by Current/Elliots leopard print so they really look trendy and beautiful as well. And I know if they look stunning on her kind of body that it will do favours for mine as well.

And hydrating jeans? BRILLIANT! My legs can be so dry so some extra moisturizing in the form of jeans would be welcome

PS: I found their blog, and they have a hydrating top in their collection as well, Lindísima!

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