The people of 2011: starring Lucas

Sometimes you meet people in your life that make a bit of an impact...today, let's look at naval photographer Lucas...

Lucas photographing another Brazilian couple: he specialises in romantic imagery
I I wonder how I would tag him, perhaps as the boy that made me look good on camera, but honestly I knew how to pose and how he wanted me to pose (quite feminine, for the record).

I could also tag him has the Brazilian photographer with lovely wavy hair, and yeh, kinda cute even though he was slightly smaller than me in length (but I wouldn't discriminate on that)


I am often into a bit of role reversal (just the innocent kind) and love to photograph the photographer, so I did place Lucas in the Pirate/Saint role as well...

Pirate Lucas, snags all your pictures throughout the ocean

Saint Lucas, saviour of girls who want to be photographed as well

 At the end, I am used in Holland for not being the most beautiful girl...thus I would call myself sublime (look up in yer dictionary if you want to know the real meaning of sublime) but a photographer such as Lucas made me feel pretty and lovely. The pictures show that off as well. although I won't post them in abundance online.

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