Oh Proenza...

Sometimes an 'oh' isn't all about the sight of delight...

Strongly wishlisted since the end of 2010: about the time when Proenza Shouler earned more fashion-creds and I saw the bags featured in the global variety of Elle's and Vogue's.

I reasoned that the Navajo print from 2011 would be close to perfection! And there it was: the magical start of the International Net-a-porter sale (oh, how many weeks I frustrated seeing our American counterparts getting the vote of preference to shop in their sale)

The second reduction: the 'mere' € 576 that would say: you can finally be the owner...

The fairytale continues:

Proenza PS 1 'Have it all' Holdall on Mlle Wanderlust's humble chair

Or not?

The sight of delight turned into a sight of dissapointment.

I made these pictures with flash on purpose, only to see how the gloss on the leather looks like plastic!
How did they manage to make real leather to look like pleather? It's a total mystery. 
Continuing on the weird, my aunties cheap curtains kind of glow on the embroidered Navajo elements? 

And the clasp: totally useless and quite 'your ordinary toolbox' looking too:

Unfortunately, my first Proenza got returned.

PS1 (pun intended): I haven't given up on Proenza Shouler yet! I have spotted their Valentine edition online and the RED hot wallet looks like perfection. I hope the leather will be supple and good.

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  1. Oh, hope you get a Proenza soon! That navajo is stunning. The other is amazing too!