Emily Byron

Emily Byron @ Jermyn Street wearing a Favourbrook dress

Last couple of days I have been working on a short paper by Lord Byron (as an almost postgraduate in English Literatures). For the people not familiar with Lord Byron, he is a well-known British literary artist who still is quite notorious for his debaucheries. 

Anyway, what has this to do with this post? Well, I wanted a good picture or the Lord B and stumbled upon Emily Byron. Emily Byron is actually a descendant of Lord Byron. Although I am quite sure that historical figure Lord Byron was an immaculately dressed gentleman, or dandy, or as this blog rightfully says 'the hipsters of their time', I had my priorities posting this contemporary Byronette for today on my more superficial platform, this blog.

I absolutely love her style...I have a penchant for hats and this combination is a fantastic clash of old-school masculinity and femininity. I think she is quite the female dandy with her sensuous red dress contrasted with the gentleman's hat...

And my scholarly site finds it really interesting she is actually related to Lord Byron, hence the dress and the dandy-esque hat actually bring some extra value behind the fact that she is a pretty picturesque woman in a gorgeous dress: to me, at least.

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  1. Amazing, she is gorgeous! The dress is so beautiful, love the colour and fabric. It fits her incredibly :)