I miss Barcelona...

Something about Barcelona makes me feel more alive:

@ Mont Juic taking a break

I seriously might feel(/look) like a hag in the Netherlands but I feel more radiant in Barcelona, being able to wear brighter clothes and a smile on my face caused by the beautiful elements, some listed below:


before the Dali Museum

Barcelonan metros
I love metro-ing in Barcelona


being able to wear patterned jumpsuits


Gentes & comida

Spying up stylish Barcelonan mujeres

Placas & tourists

local scene
Just a smitten of the things I love about Barcelona, and I should add Miro, Gaudi, Dali, Gentes guapas y sympaticas, food, cava, dancing & going out, warmer weather (summer smoulder cities), the fact I had my first real boyfriend over here...

Should I continue? No, enough for now.

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