Lover's cover

This one will probably pop up on blogs all over, but I still like it enough to cover it over here:

Lara Stone & Kate for Lover's Magazine.
These girls aren't modelly standard (small Kate & busty Lara) and still are intensely wanted on the commercial scale...They are quite the bunnies over here, albeit grunge Bunnies. I really like the nod to the 80s with Lara's doodled faded jeans jacket...That whole jeans vibe of the 80s and early 90s seem to be returning to the fashion scene again.

I like the symbolism behind this picture too: you have this image of two pretty (in their case: gorgeous) girls that look at you: are they flirting with you or are they actually lipstick-lesbians?
Why the latter? Oh, you see Lara Stone actually wrapping her arms around Kate, somewhat protecting her or somewhat declaring to you: 'she's actually mine but you might look at her from a distance'. They can also be the kind of 'wannabe/pretent-to-be-lesbians' that are just in for your attention because (most men) will get a kick out of that. You just don't know.

Overal, fun idea of quirky magazine Lover's to portray those two together in this type of setting.

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