Posthuman imagery

Maxfechner on instagram

Maxfechner on instagram

Maxfechner on instagram
Posthuman Studies and the idea of the post-human has intrigued me for a while. The sum-up of our contemporary human selves is seldom a 100% human anymore, as most of us will have some non-human elements to their selves, such as dental fillings, etc. And most of us couldn't function properly without the smartphone, which actually makes us a bit cyborg.

These figures are more cyborg than most of us. Nevertheless they link to the idea of the human as an evolved dressed up monkey. And to the question in which way humans are actually superior to animals (are we really?).

Also, good art to look at...and well-made by the digital enhancement of the Western human, the mobile phone!


  1. First picture is absolutely cool !! I want it on my T-shirt


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