My attempt to be cheap...

Sorry if the title raises high expectations but today it's about pants again.

I like some of the expensive cult-ones I ventured upon in 2011 but some are actually rather standard, if not worse than the cheapies...Both Current Elliot and J. Brand loose their shape after 1 day, leaving  my skinny jeans looking baggy.

So I went back to my cheap habit and bought some Motel Rocks...with a name like Motel, you cannot expect your pants to be expensive, right?

for anyone that likes to see the inside of my pants...
Not only cheap, but I even scored it on sale at Asos for a mere 19 pounds..

Polka dot pleasure...am I being really unfashion now?

Not quite, look at the next-season Current/Elliot range over here:

picture from Metier and she is not me
Beware, girl with hips on the next picture: (wearing the Motel Rocks, instagrammed)

Ok, I skipped the hip-part because sometimes it feels like 'look, I have a V' kind of picture...Which I have, but I believe 3 billion other women are with me on having a V, so I cannot face the fact that I really want to boast about having one...

Overal, they stay rather fitted for a longer period and I took the right size. They are not as jeans-y as the Current's, and yes, I like my Currents so I even will upgrade my polka-dotted habit into buying the Current's in the future.

But for now the cheapies will do just fine...

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