the (body)Con-Artiste

I think lots of women are being trained by their mother of how to dress according to their body-shape. Same to me. As a teenager with a peer-shape figure in the pre-JLo era I learned that you should cover your hips with boxy blouses and accentuate your waist with a belt.

Thank God the bearded dude when that same Jennifer Lopez and later Beyonce struck the scene to show us girls that there was nothing wrong with having a little hip and booty. Feminine curves are ok to have and not to be hidden in loose fabrics, especially when the curves are relatively firm. A thinner waist contrasted to more visible hips constructs the archetypical feminine shape, and for people who like women they can be seen as something attractive.

the reality of having Hips
I wore my Topshop bodycon skirt on a holiday. The temperature was mild enough. To balance the tightness around the hips, I paired with a sloughy  t-shirt in a sky-blue hue...The fabric is really sturdy and forgiving for a bodycon, so that's a 22 pounds well spend.

I don't get too close with my semi-fashion pictures: I see myself as a kind of allegory in my post and perhaps the mystery would be blown away if I accentuate every detail of me. Perhaps that is the total opposite of the typical fashionblogger, but a counter-form of imagery works for me.


  1. Super post!

    Angela Donava

  2. Amazing post! Curves are awesome and shouldn't be hidden :) Cool photos!