How AdR does Neutrals

A neutral or somewhat standard looking Anna Della Russo is as rare as an Edelweiss on the top of a Austrian mountain. However, she's dressed as white as an Edelweiss, and it is a rare opportunity to see dear Anna going white and neutral to attend the Givenchy show.

I still think she stands out from the rest of the fashioncrowd at Givenchy, but somehow I am a bit underwhelmed by Anna's standards...The skinny jeans/pants make her legs really skinny-looking (and all women know white never slims) and she reminds me a bit of the large amount of fashionbloggers wearing skinny jeans...it's a great look, but not the standout Anna I'm used too.

On the other hand, she is flirting with a slightly masculine look and I always welcome an experiment from your standard style: Anna often opts for high-femme Couture Italia-feminity and this is an unusual change for her. I adore that tuxedo-esque jacket and it has the right amount of largeness to keep it slightly masculine with a feminine twist. Her blouse is also so strickt and crisp as in the perfect off-white colour.

Still, if she wanted to press the flirtation with a masculine look a bit more I think she should have gone for more directional shoes...a strict white glossy ankle boot with a slightly S&M appeal to it. I like her clutch...but also I would press the sleek-factor a bit more by making it larger, perhaps a graphical shape and in a patent black or white (or both).

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