Happy International Women's Day

Disclaimer: Story...Not as light&fluffy as usual

A year ago I was still feminist enough to have the desire to create a good blog for Dutch women who like to get some more information on women's life, beside the need to buy pretty clothes and look good.

I'm kind of sizzled out, also because I notice that sisterhood ain't that strong in feminist circles either if you are not completely like them (heck, where did I see that before), or perhaps the fact I didn't like to get a 'cool girl's haircut' (undercut or something they would call 'feminist'). So I basically have a light&fluffy blog now, with some occasional deepness.

Anyway, in any circle there are puppet-masters and puppets, and they are everywhere between women & women, men & women and men & men. I would say: 

Don't be anyone's puppet, choose your puppetmaster/mistress wisely...and if you can, try to cut all strings and dance to your own tune...

In that case, International Women's Day and Gender equality qualifies for men too...congrats to all genders today!

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