Unexpected hit & miss of FF 11

You never know what you're really going to like at the beginning of a new fashion-season.

In general I had one real unexpected hit, and one real unexpected miss.

The Hit: Isabel Marant Corduroy pants

Last time I wore corduroy was when I was a child. It hasn't been featured anywhere clear in fashion since because it is just not the most flattering fabric. Right, Marant's cord-stripe is quite thin so it doesn't qualify as your standard cords. It actually has a sort of velvet hue that looks really warm in some lightning. The odd feeling on the skin when wearing heavy corduroy fabric is not present with these pants; they actually feel quite soft on.

It was my real winter hit: the burgundy was easy to pull of with other colours and the cords made the pants more original than your standard jeans. I bought it on sale during the Bijenkorf sale for 40% off so it wasn't that extremely pricy (being a Marant Etoile), and still early enough to get me through winter.

The Miss: Chunky Sweaters

COS chunky sweater
Chunky sweaters are not made for my shape: I prefer to have a defined waist with everything because I depend on the hourglass-figure and not on thin legs. These sweaters are made for the skinny-legs-crowd that get cold during the winter, because a boxy sweater can keep them cosy. Not that I don't get cold, I get awefully cold, but I layer 5 types of bodycon sweaters over each-other and still have the defined waist.

In general, how cute some of my boxy sweaters looked, I felt big in them. I skipped them, and they didn't get a lot of love during the FF 11 season. Perhaps I should give one of these to my skinny-legs friends afterall.

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