I don't mind your hairy back, but...

Online purchases can mean they are either hits or misses.

Sometimes one package can have a hit and a miss. My latest hit has been the Preen/Aldo Rise pair that I showed a couple of days before.

They were not the only Aldo ones I liked, I really fancied this hairy back pair of shoes by J.W. Anderson that looked stellar on Canadian Fashion blogger Nelia Belkova.

In reality they were made of plasticy material that made them look like the cheaper variety of shoes, the heels are too high and too thin for Dutch cobblestones and I just wasn't fond of them. Oh well, Asos is not to finicky about returning so I returned them: they simply do not live up to their pricetag.

They are still on asos.com, although not on sale, for €164.81.

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