Moves Like Jagger

Not just anyone's famous daughter. Personally I find her the most alluring of the batch of gap-toothed models released lately. Perhaps that has to do with the iconic parents she has both taken the best of genes from, and her somewhat unusual upbringing in Jagger-mania.

The last cover Ponystep cover (source: fashionrogue) is almost the incarnation of her mum Jerry Hall in her heydays. The first three have a more romantic quality which proves that she can embody both innocence as sensuality in front of the camera.

Other 3 pictures from Bazaar Russia via trendhunter


  1. I see this girl and I'm just like "ugghhh why am I not you?!" Seriously, she is perfection.

    Loved your comment on my blog btw, because no you don't need to like 20 facebook pages hahaha. That is so true though...people really go overboard with that sometimes, huh?

    1. yeh, I have this with too perfect people too and sometimes I ask for clues how they get that gorgeous and they are often like 'oh, not so much I just wake up like that'. Uhm, often that one is totally a lie. I always say 'well, lot's of time and I still look like the average girl'.

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