Pudding Party

Apps sure made it easier to procastinate everything...I found a fabulous new one thanks to the recommendation of the ever delightful Worshipofblues.

 It's the Pudding Camera app and I don't know what's so pudding about it but it sure jiggles out the funniest pictures:

fisheye Black (Purple) Tulip
My funny Face & accessory details: I'm trying to hypnotise the Iphone
the stapled 4: featuring a garden
Utrecht Market: also instagram'd


  1. Great :D
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  2. Anonymous19/4/12

    I like the Tulip picture very much. Looks like a fantastic app, I must visit it. Can you please leave me a link? Or should I search by myself? :)

  3. You got Pudding!! It's so much fun no? Your shots are fab!