Punk: Exhibited

The punk era was somewhat before my time, but I've always been spellbinded by this era of anarchy, revolt against norms/standards of living, prefabricated notions of beauty etc.

I leaped to the occassion when in Utrecht to visit the exhibition last friday. The pictures I made are crappy, because I can only instagram. Anyway, Anarchy still rules in my book and I wish there would be a return of a clash against our contemporary aesthetic norms and values because I don't think our Western society is working quite well these days.

Pampflets & personal slogans of the visitors

pampflets: listed

'piratentv' or illigal tv programming were trending in the early 80s (that's me in the corner)

We had this one at home (gosh, I'm old)

Entry: you could write your slogan/thesis on the wall: I wrote plenty
'lavenloos figuur'

you will recognize this artist (if you don't, read some "Art for Dummies")

(I'll look up the artist later)

Screening of Basquat
Holland: symbolised as an individuality eating monster
Funnily, I felt really inspired and energised by it. I left the building with all kinds of thoughts about not being such a consumer-addict anymore.

Then I realised I left my Tom Ford sunglasses in the safe... I told the ladies behind the counter that capitalism had the winning hand. They didn't quite get it, until I showed the sunglasses. But honestly, these bastards costs me a lot and with my face I cannot have such a variety of glasses: the Jennifer kind of suits me.

If you are in Holland I would always suggest to skip Amsterdam and come to the cuter and friendlier Utrecht. Ok, don't skip Amsterdam because you have to see/experience that too but please visit Utrecht to get a better impression of the Netherlands.

And if the exhibition still runs, it is only 4 euro for students so take a look (link)


  1. Woow what a great exhibition, I'm always striving to be less consumerist and I'm better than before but still need to improve haha. Utrecht seems cool, I want to visit Amsterdam too :P

  2. wow gorgeous pics <3

  3. Ooh daar moet ik dan echt naar toe!