Walking Utrecht

All cities are mad: but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful: but the beauty is grim. ~Christopher Morley~

Cities have been a thing that I find a constant source of inspiration. The Netherlands doesn't have the largest bunch, but it absolutely has variety in the cities that play a large part in its citizens' life. I like Amsterdam for it's reputation, or dare we say notority, and you can look behind that veil and see totally different Amsterdams from totally different perspectives...People reading other Dutch blogs can see that too: there's socialité's sleek Amsterdam & quirky Amsterdam and even tons more...

I've been doing highschool and university in Utrecht so I know it better than the capital Amsterdam. So let's take a virtual walk through a part of it today.

Mariaplaats: morningglory

Famous Domtower: graced by a red bike & Mini
the canal embraced by light
The sun also shines inside: according to this shop (Katoenfabriek)

Who needs love when cameras are in the air
Pictures were made by me of the Oudegracht walking southwards.

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