the Zara Silky Blouse

I have been quite infatuated with Crème de la Crème brand of silky blouses: Equipment.

I have already managed to get a reasonable collection thanks to the discounts on Shopbob and TheOutnet. Nevertheless, like anything that borders to obsessiveness I found myself to be buying too many of them under the pretext that they are the kind of basics that will last for years to come. They actually are, but I should go a bit easier on spending too much on things a bit too expensive.

I thought it was unwise to go cold-turkey on my silky blouse habit so I went for a Zara blouse instead last week. Initially I lusted over a similar colour of a Equipment one (link), hence seeing something similar on Zara with a funkier collar made me try that one for 100 euros cheaper.

I have to say I have been really happy receiving it: it is a beautiful pink that borders on the cooler side. Although the silk texture is slightly inferior compared to Equipment's quality, it is still a good silk. And, unlike some Zara items, it has been finished quite well (no loose threads, etc)

Coincidentally, I saw it on an amazingly stunning fashionblogger this weekend. However, she was not really happy with it's newer sizing, complaining that it was quite narrow on her chest. In contrast to her, I do not have a lot happening down there but I have to agree it is relatively bigger around the waist while being normal/loose on the chest. I have an M size but I could have picked a small.

I am never confident putting up my own picture online, even thought just 3 people will see it. Anyway, it's good therapy for me.

And perhaps it helps other women with different bodyshapes to go for a particular blouse, or not.


  1. Amazing shirt! The colour is amazing and the detail in the collar!
    Love how it looks on you! ;)

    1. thanks mate, different people & different ways of wearing something, right?

  2. The lace bodycon dress , in the whole party, was enough of a dream come true to permanently lodge itself in the minds and hearts of people across the party. This dress was everything it should have been.