Can I have another Dress?

I think I've been too much on the jeans-blouse side lately.  I like them to bits, but I really want to fill my closet with dresses again.

All Saints dress
Actually, I'm miss Chaos. My closet is a crowded gathering of everything crammed together but I lack some good dresses. I used to have tons of them 2 years ago but they became too young (think ditsy dresses) for me.

I love dresses as it's the one thing boys/men cannot copy from us girls. Even the skirt gets some male action among some Scots. But dresses, not counting Kaftans among them, are girl-territory.

Conclusion: I am gonna shop more for them, not my previous ditsy kind but the ones that are a bit DvF-esque.

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  1. love dress! and some are so easy to make yourself.