Bikini Chatter

Doing the beach or pool in style isn't that easy. As a travelista I thought it would be handy to give out some pointers of how to look original, comfortable and still fashion-savvy in your tiny suit. ..

1. Go shopping out-of-season in sales for a expensive one for a lot of %%% off. Or go to clicktini for a designer brand on sale

Chloƫ grey & gold polkadot bikini @ clicktini for $70
2. Mix-n-match different pants with tops

Being unmatchy is quite fashionable right now and separate pants/bikinis are often cheaper than buying in in pairs.
You can also vary your bikini wardrobe better like this. Because why would you wear the same bikini for 7 days in a row but could NEVER do that with a dress?

3. Get a cute cheap one, but not one that is too available in your country.
I love British webshops for this reason and there's just one Primark in Rotterdam that is, obviously cheap, but still trendy. However, for this reason I would stay away from H&M because it's so obviously present here that it would be easily recognizable. On the other hand, when I went to Brazil last year there was no H&M to be found so do you research when jetting of to another place. Or, do 4

4. Get your standard and easily available bikini, but alternate it by DIY:
past project: H&M bikini/fabric glue & lucky Brazilian bands
applying studs, applications, feathers, leather, anything you like.

5. Dress for your shape and not only for fashion.
Yeh yeh, fashiongirls know this advise over and over because all the women's magazines preach this one like mad. But it still works...Neon might be all over and last year I saw it on  that-Italian-Salad-girl but when I tried the American Apparel version on in neon-yellow I decided it wouldn't suit me.

6. Classics aren't called classics for nothing. 

Brigitte Bardot in "The Girl in the Bikini" (1952)
  A LBB or red number is priceless.

7. Consider your skintone too:
Back to the neon bikini which didn't do favours for my pale skintone, try to find a bikini for the days you are tanned (if you decided to get tanned) and one for the first couple of days. Red often looks sizzling on any skintone but red also gets lots of attention so consider that as well.

 8. Take a bikini for the kind of activities you are planning
conch-hunting with mr Bond? A sturdy bikini (knife holder optional)
Posing bikinis can be frillier and with less support than the ones you like to get your activity going on.

9. but don't take no 8 too seriously.
Also seen this bathing suit that reminds me of funky surfer girls from H&M?
too bad of that kitchy gold zipper because I kinda liked this one
You don't have to be a surfer to get cool swimming suits like that. brings me to 10

10. Don't underestimate the originality of a one-piece.

Ok, you don't get that tanned as with a bikini (just add your fake tan over the white parts to make up for that) but it can be just the type of swimming wear you are after.
Ok Jim, not everyone should go one-piece


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