I kind of realise after some 'therapeutic' ventures into cooking-shops & interiordesign shops that I am not quite ready to become one of the prototypes of the Dutch 30-something woman.

So I just admit that I love to be one of the many, but I will never be...Let's underline that with hair: the symbol of showing what kind of 'tribe' you are in

Option 1:


So, am I becoming a (dip-dye) blonde?


I couldn't  be a convincing blonde yet (perhaps after 40 when I really crave for the last bit of male attention)...I think it was ├╝berblonde Cameron Diaz who once admitted that she could lure in more intelligent men being a brunette (link). Fact is, that she's a blonde for a while means that perfers the dumber ones over intelligent men, or she gets more work as an atrice as the bubbly blonde one?

Option 2:
So....UNNATURAL COLOUR (which puzzles me because golden blonde is just as unnatural if it's out of a box)

La Riche Directions in Lilac: as natural as flower colours!

Here's the happy hippy again. And that coloured dip-dye is getting it's hype on so I want to do that before every fashionista in Holland does....My mum would probably dissaprove and would say that highlights suit me better: but I think it's too easy to go for the prettiest option all the time. After all, I don't have that many wrinkles yet so now it's the time to go wild about colour.

I will do just a layer or some ends in my hair that can be hidden into a chignon when having a more conservative business meeting.  Not everybody would probably dig the naturallness of vivid colours into hair, right?

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