Dedicated to Alice...

This 'shoot' is not with Mr. Cameraman-on-a-stick yet, which probably is the reason I do not flirt enough nor look totally relaxed. Anyhow, the story is not about flirting either...

"Alice is standing on the bench in nature, letting her hair flow in the wind"

wearing: Zara babypink pleather biker jacket (2009), Topshop skirt, Kurt Geiger shoes (Chloe 2007 lookalikes), Uniqo Top, Venetian Mask from Mooi& Belle, tights: Balstern, Cuff: COS

"But she wants to stay anonymous after her mask goes of" 

"Which brings me to the title: Who the * is Alice?"

The shoes & tights are the thing I am most wild about. The shoes are the look-a-likes from the Chloë 2007 shoe collection I have been highly coveting. That story will be continued soon..

I like the skirt, but realise that a pleaded skirt is not doing any favours for girls with hips: I'm always the curvy hips girl with a trained sixpack! (My hips are beyond training, though) I think it will work better on skinny girls who like to give the illusion of having curves. Still, I adore the digital print and the fact I got this one in the ÜberTopshop of all Topshops on Oxford street.

Oh, my real name isn't Alice, and I love to show my face all the time because as myself I am a real confident person...eh, used to be?

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