Hi Camera!

I have been trying to make photos from my outfits with my new tripod lately. Well, besides the fact that there is no cameraman or -woman out  the flirting might get slightly automatic.

I also understand taking good pictures takes some work to position the thing rightly, to get the right light and to pull the right faces, bodylanguage and flirt with the camera at the same time.

But I once read or heard a tip from a model who had to give her flirt or introperspective mood or any other mood the photographer asks for because it's needed in some photos. She said you have to pretent that the photographer is really hot even when he isn't... Well, seemingly I have no photographer I thought I am going to do the following:

He's one of the few male models in the H&M catalogus for swimwear and actually quite cheap seeing his trunks,  I mean the price of the trunks. I think H&M is not the place for high fashion models or sometimes high fashion models on their way out go for the H&M catologue because they probably get LOTS of cash being the face of the catologue etc etc.

But he's still quite hot, and I don't buy Vogue men so I couldn't tear any guy out of one of those issues. I actually should buy a Vogue Men once but I'm not so much into the so-called metrosexual men, eh...because when it looks slightly gay it's probably close to it. Or at least my past-dating fiasco turned out that most metrosexuals I tried to date were on the way to becoming decloseted (ok, that was only one but one too many!)

I just pretent mr. Camera-man in the H&M swimming trunks is both straight and interested in me, and will flirt with him in the future...hahaha.

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